Art photography is a photography made in accordance with the artist's vision as a photographer.

Art photography contrasts with representative photography, such as photojournalism,

Which provides a visual documentary account of specific themes and events, literally re-presenting

Objective reality rather than the subjective intention of the photographer; is

Commercial photography, the primary goal is to advertise products or services.


Fine Art Kairos is the idea that is born of the Italian photographer Federico Miccioni, to propose all his original and limited edition large-scale art photographs. Shop headquartered in Perugia, Italy, deals with the sale of its artistic photographs worldwide.

AT THE Federico Miccioni

Federico Miccioni studies photography in Northern Ireland at Queen's University in Belfast and is formed together with the world-famous photographer Jim Moreland FBIPP between 1995 and 1999. Born in Perugia in 1976, he began his profession as a photographer in 2002. It is Epimony Ephemeral Recital and Ambassador MagMod and belongs to the most prestigious photography associations (ANFM, WPJA, FIOF and FEARLESS) thanks to which he has received numerous awards and prizes coming in

In the ranking of the 10 best Italian photographers of the ANFM in 2014 and 2015.


Our photography expresses a thought, an idea: the instant, the moment captured, the moment in which something special is happening, "kairos" as the Greeks said. It is here that the name Kairos Fine Art is born.
Kairos Fine Art prints are artwork designed for furniture and collectors to be exhibited in your home or office. But they are also beautiful gift ideas, surely original, unique and of value.
The materials, the precious cards used (only Fuji Crystal II Pro cards, Kodak Metallic and Hahnemühle), inks, craftsmanship and craftsmanship guarantee a long service life without visual impairment. We have designed 5 printing lines in 5 formats: the first two 20x30 and 40x60 in Open Edition, and the other three 50x75, 70x100 and 120x160 formats in 500 Edition Limited Edition.


Our Open Edition is open and not limited, but has a Certificate of Authenticity of the Edition, which guarantees authenticity and originality. The certificate also contains the details of the work: format, print date, issue number (open or limited).